Artist Statement

I work with cloth because I like the texture created when it is layered and stitched. Cloth is familiar and comforting yet through manipulation can reveal itself as soft or harsh, stunning or shocking, compliant or feisty, warm and endearing, much as an old friend. While this handcraft is based in women’s work and quilting, I refer to my work as textile art to differentiate it as non-functional unlike traditional quilting. I also love to use vintage linens in my work, which further connects me to ancestors while bringing the heirloom into the present time. 

I take photos everywhere I go...pattern, texture and color are my primary inspiration. A path of oval rocks from a Japanese garden, a jute window covering, a kelp forest, even the dripping prep work of house-painting have all become screens from which I have painted cloth.

Sharing personal stories further inspires me. Through the examination of social and cultural values; such as beauty, death, femininity, parenthood, work, women’s issues and aging, I create a narrative which if successful engages the viewer to contemplate their own story. Each of us has one and by sharing my narrative, others may think about their own and potentially spark a conversation. My greatest reward is when others recognize themselves in my work.

The challenge that drives my work comes from figuring out how to best convey my message so others understand what exactly I am saying. Much of my design process comes from hours and often days or weeks of research, drafting, sketching, contemplation and what I call ‘fermenting.’ In other words just parking the idea in the back of my mind for a few days or weeks until I am ready to begin.